On the Trail of the Whitetail Fusion Digital Entertainment / Splash Games 2000

This features stunningly realistic 3D animation and graphics. Hunt the Whitetail Deer over 10 unique 3D landscapes, each with its own distinctive features and hunting challenges. From marsh, rivers and lakes, to lofty mountain valleys, dense forests and scrubland, it will have you coming back time and time again. Then once you have found your quarry lure it in closer using the calls at your disposal. When the deer is close enough, take aim and fire. Great shot - that’s another for the trophy room, but was it the monster buck that hides in these parts. Will you find him, the buck that legends are made of. One of a kind. Will yoube the hunter to hold that trophy high? It gives you the chance to experience the euphoria of the ultimate hunt. Are you up for the hunting challenge? Can you track down the elusive and legendary monster buck that wanders these hills and valleys? It has 3 levels of difficulty, multiple deer call lures, multiple choice of weapons, high power zoom on scope & binoculars, and GPS location system.
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ISO Demo 34MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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