Breed Brat Designs / CDV 2004

From England comes the shooter Breed which one can play in the first or third person perspective. The story is rather unimaginative and involves extraterrestrials which attack the earth. As a combatant one tries to destroy them. Breed reminds from the graphics of Halo, offers impressive outside sceneries, with marvelous graphics and big levels in which some surprise awaits. Investigation of the surroundings should become an important part of the play and with hidden weapons and other items, the players who explore a lot should have advantages. Different vehicles and flight devices can also be used. Sometimes you have infantry teammates but their AI is dumb. In a tank, someone will man a turret gun while you have the main cannon, and you'll also be able to switch to rockets, guided rockets, and a minigun, just by scrolling the mouse wheel. The tank takes a beating, it blows stuff up, the controls are responsive, and it really is pretty fun to just plow through a bunch of bad guys, with the bullets flying everywhere and enemies popping out or running at you in waves. There's also some aerospace combat but it isn't as fun. Breed has destructible environments but doesn't use that for gameplay. It features an impressive view distance on par with Far Cry, but the overwhelming bulk of the game takes place on tropical islands populated with sparse foliage.
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Final SP Level Demo v1.0 217MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
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Full Demo ~256MB (uploaded by Trey)
Clone ISO Demo 750MB (uploaded by Shattered)
ISO Demo 700MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo 518MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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