Star Wars: TIE Fighter Totally Games / LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC 1994

You are a member of the Imperial Navy, eager to fight the Rebel Alliance and other scum to strengthen the rule of Darth Vader and the Emperor. The follow up to X-Wing is a space combat simulation set in the Star Wars universe. There are 7 campaigns, taking in over 50 missions. You often have wingmen who can be given orders to help you out. The detailed storyline is driven by cutscenes. You will fly a variety of craft from the lowly Tie Fighter to the speedy Tie Interceptor to the high-powered Tie Advanced. On each of these, balancing engine/laser/shield ratios in real time is crucial to getting the most power and safety.

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Browser-Playable Unique Pre-Release Level Demo (uploaded by NaClBox)
 1  2 
Pre-Release Unique Level Demo 1.6MB (uploaded by RGB Classic Games)
Full Demo 7MB (uploaded by
Full Demo including Defender of the Empire 9MB (uploaded by DJ OldGames)
Improved "Talkie" version included in Star Wars: Tie Fighter Collector's CD-ROM (1995) ISO Demo 213MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Floppy Images ISO Demo 6.81MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Enhanced Version included in Star Wars X-Wing Collector Series (1998) 2CD ISO Demo 617MB (uploaded by GigaWatt)

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