Carmageddon Splat Pack Stainless Software Ltd. / SCi Games Ltd. 1997

The Splat Pack is the official add-on for Carmageddon. It adds 20 new tracks, 15 new cars, new network levels and 3Dfx support, 9 new environments included a Medieval-themed tourist attraction, a prison next to a nuclear reactor, and a traditional racetrack. The final level is set in Hell, and at the very bottom Satan himself can be found. The player car also underwent small optical changes. It adds new characters with their own vehicles, but also gives new vehicles to some existing drivers (an example being Stig O'Sore). The player can choose one of two characters to play as in the game, but opponents vehicles can be 'stolen' and added to the players garage if certain criteria are met. All vehicles are unlocked for use at the end of the game. It requires the original Carmageddon CD to install, as it re-uses assets from that game: However it does not require Carmageddon to be installed, as it is created as a separate game (cars and tracks can not be exchanged between the two games without use of third-party mods such as tools). Splat Pack uses a DOS-Based installer.
Level Demo & Xmas Demo ~30MB/46MB ( @ Road Reaction)
Full Demo 103MB ( @ Lost Treasures)
ISO Demo ~251MB (upped by Scaryfun)
included in Carmageddon Max Pack - Good Old Games Digital ISO Demo 430MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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