Juno Nemesis Remix Mountain King Studios Inc. 2003

A giant computer code-named "Juno" has been infiltrated by a enemy program. This program is set to destroy the computer's functions. An defense program is quickly created for Juno. Virtually resembling a spaceship, it must travel through Juno's core and destroy the waves of enemy ships that represent the destructive program. This updated version of Juno Nemesis is a 3rd person game in which the player controls a spaceship. Similar to Gyruss this ship ventures down a circular area and can move along the inner edges of this circle. The spaceship can only shoot forward until it's energy (shield) is depleted and unleash a destructive bomb. You're inside a tube, and you can move your ship clockwise or counter-clockwise, and fire at your enemies. Additional power-ups increase the strength of it's shooting, provide additional energy or extra points. If a weapon is powered up completely, additional power-ups for it will unleash an Overload weapon. The game has six levels, you must repel 30 bug attacks to advance to a next level.
Shareware Level Demo 2MB (uploaded by Software Informer)
Full Demo 2.6MB (uploaded by VisitntX)

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