Olmang Jolmang Paradise [K] Family Production / Gameland 1995

This is a Space Harrier-like arcade 3D shooter that allows one or two players to control characters from various Family Production. There are eight controllable characters in total: the two ships from Illusion Blaze; the two mechas from Iron Blood; the two anthropomorphic animal heroes from Pee & Gity; and Shakii with his wife from Shakii the Wolf. Each character has his or her unique weapons, such as boomerangs, throwing discs, guns, etc. Characters can also execute unique powerful attacks, which deplete their health: for example, Gity summons a giant crocodile head, Shakii's wife releases a swarm of flowers, and so on. Each pair of characters begins in a different stage, but eventually all of them share the same set. There are no power-ups in the stages themselves except money; however, the player can visit shops where this money can be spent on additional lives, sidekicks ("options"), tickets for a chicken race, etc.
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Korean Full Demo 2.6MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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