Code Of Honor: The French Foreign Legion CITY Interactive 2007

Code of Honor puts you in the jungle boots of a soldier in The French Foreign Legion. The fast-paced solo campaign is based on the Foreign Legion's most recent, heavily publicized operation: quelling a civil war in Ivory Coast. Campaign missions take place on actual real-world battlefields, carefully recreated from satellite photos and featuring realistic landscapes and local vegetation. You will enjoy the game’s realistic experience - outstanding sound and visual effects, non-player characters speaking in their native languages, and authentic Foreign Legion uniforms, weaponry, and equipment modeled in painstaking detail. On the other side, Code of Honor will hit you with lots of enemies you will need to eliminate in a fast and action oriented battlefield.
Level Demo 364MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
BattleStrike: The Road to Berlin Bonus Enabler ~256kb (upload by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 588MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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