Deactivation Step Creative Group / Play Publishing 2003

This is a tactical 3D-arcade action game where you must stop 13 terrorist acts and to plant a mine into the scientific research center of the terrorists. It's set in a near future filled with technologically-armed enemies - sophisticated and intelligent droids take the place of humans in all potentially dangerous industries. The game sees players assuming control of antiterrorist droid units that have been assembled to combat the ever-increasing threat from an organization calling itself Day of Reckoning. This terrorist faction has poured all of its resources into the development and manufacturing of droid kamikazes and is using them to perpetrate all manner of terrorist acts including the destruction of buildings and the seizing and shooting of hostages. The Day of Reckoning is threatening to continue carrying out such acts unless its senior members are appointed to the top positions of the World Government. It comprises some 15 levels of antiterrorist action, and as they progress through the game, players will have the opportunity to upgrade their existing droids or to purchase new ones.
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Russian ISO Demo 343MB (uploaded by
Polish Full Demo 189MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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