Contract J.A.C.K.: Just Another Contract Killer Sierra / Monolith 2003

Contract J.A.C.K. is a prequel to No One Lives Forever. Therefore you the player will also meet some characters already known from the previous games involving agent Archer. You play the contract killer John Jack who works for the INJURY organization. They are threatened by an Italian group and you receive the order to eliminate this menace. This is clearly as action-packed as the NOLF games. Jack uses almost always his weapons and less his mind. You will brutally assassinate hundreds of enemies, maybe hit one or two buttons, and for once not sneak around a single corner. Our hero will crash land a space rocket, or fight bad guys as he floats in outer space. Weird opponents are again present in the game as in the previous but aren't as funny. Your opponents will knock over tables and use them as cover, move around you to try and flank you, use rifle butts up close and always look for the nearest cover. The lead-up to the final battle in the Italian countryside allows you to drive a scooter equipped with machine-gun cannons and is very scenic, set amidst rolling hills and a canal. The game is rather short though but has standard multiplayer that was released for NOLF2.
2 Level Demo MP ~101MB (PC Gaming Wiki) Level Demo SP ~129MB ( @ Game Pressure)
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Total Conversion
2 CD ISO Demo 938MB (upped by Egon68)

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