Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative Netdevil, Inc. / Mightygames, 3DO 2001

This is a massively-multiplayer space simulator where you get to join one of three factions and participate in The Reconstruction Initiative (TRI). Following a cataclysmic event that has destroyed all space-bound civilization, three distinct factions have finally rediscovered the technology to achieve space-flight once again. The galaxy is now in a constant state of change as a continuing storyline effects and is effected by the players, who are slowly rebuilding a new space civilization. In the game, jumpgates are used to travel from sector to sector. All sectors, without a station, consist of asteroids and a beacon. Many have Player Owned Stations and may have items related to events run by GMs. Station sectors all have a planet within the sector. The player is the pilot of a spacecraft, acquiring wealth and status by engaging in trade, mining, and/or combat. Players may work on their own or together as members of a collaborative squad. Players can upgrade their spacecraft in various ways, including adding weapons, engines, shields, and other modifications and upgrades. It features: unique flight physics including correct inertial momentum, joystick control supported (and recommended), a persistent universe with over 170 sectors, Sector, channel and clan communications, periodic patches with fixes and upgrades, Mining, Manufacturing, Trading, PvP combat, PvE combat, many Role-play and player-driven story-arc opportunities. It was shut down on April 30, 2012. However, a group of fans have revived it in January/2014.
Free Client 125MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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