Day Of Defeat Valve / Activision 2003

At first, Day of Defeat was a popular Half-Life mod, indeed in the shadow of the overpowering Counterstrike, nevertheless, it had substantial success and led to a slew of titles featuring real-life past wars. Now the former mod has appeared as a full price title. There are 15 maps, one fights as an allied or armed forces-soldier in the fight. The graphics were overhauled, nevertheless, they can not keep up with topline titles. There are different character classes. The soldiers get tired and there is a health meter always in the field of vision which is absolutely relevant. One can also not use vehicles (indeed now and then one must destroy a tank to reach a mission purpose, however, one cannot drive one). The actions are rather realistic. Best of all, you can stand, kneel or lie. There is also heavy MG's which one must pick up to be able to use them. Some seconds is all the time you need to learn and put them to good use. As opposed to the mod, there are also in two maps English soldiers and also some mission purposes were changed. There are 16 soldiers which are steered about with a special set of key controls. However, one should use the Voice Communication through a Headset, because it is essentially more efficient. Day of Defeat is a good product, however, Battlefield 1942, MOHAA and RTCW are to me more fun.

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Download Steam v3.1b 136MB (uploaded by ModDB)
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Beta 1 Demo ~73MB ( @ FileFront)
Mod Download v1.0 * requires Half-Life. 171MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Fan-Made Maps
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Stand Alone Full Demo v1.3 (non-steam) ~338MB (upped by 3Spot)
Full Demo v1.3 protocol 48 with working games browser / downloader + fast server + many maps 630MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
Platinum Edition v1.3 Non-Steam v6.4 + Bugfix + waypoints list +mirror 2.49GB+157MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
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