Star Quest 2: United Galaxies (cancelled) Virtual Adventures Inc. 1999

This space game allows you to play combat missions and racing challenges as a pilot in solo or with friends in multiplayer. It also includes some real-time strategy (RTS) missions where you can command a fleet and even pilot a ship from your fleet while the other units are following your orders. Basic features of the game: 10+ solar systems with planets/moons, 15+ ships to fly, 20+ combat/strategic missions, first person (with optional cockpit) or third person dog fighting using joystick/mouse, Real-Time Strategy interface to control a fleet of ships, ability to 'drive' a ship of your fleet, fly to other solar systems, go down to planet surfaces, 5+ racing track, racing with optional weaponry, pilot your ship beyond the solar system to explore the galaxy. Make random encounter and start a fight or run away. Combat your way from a simple gunner to a pilot and ultimately become the commander of a fleet of ships. Take command of a fleet to protect an important cargo while an armada is circling around. Order your repair droids to heal the cargo before the enemy ships destroy it. Ask your wingbots to protect you while you take out the most important targets. The freedom fighters of the United Galaxies are awaiting you. A prototype demo was done in 1999 but the game was being revamped on Embryo engine in 2013.
1999 Prototype Level Demo 39MB (uploaded by Official Site)
1999 Prototype Level Demo ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 39MB

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