Fighter Ace 3.5 Ketsujin Russian Studio / Jaleco Entertainment, Inc. 2002

This is an online combat flight videogame that takes the player to the skies over Europe and the Pacific. The ability to participate with other players from all over the world enables huge aerial battles involving dozens of aircraft from small and nimble fighters to hulking flying fortresses. There are three primary modes of play: Dogfight, Territorial Conquest, and Offline Play. The first mode is pure action: jump-in and fight either individually or as a team. The Territorial Conquest is the real meat of the game: players align themselves with a particular country and fly strategic bombing missions against their enemies. Enemy supply centers and tank columns must be destroyed while the player's own resources are protected. Finally, Offline play is designed to train and hone the player's skills needed to participate in online play. A.I. enemy pilots serve as fodder. Players can chose from over 96 planes to fly from all the major belligerent countries: United States, Great Britain, Germany, the Soviet Union, and Japan. The box included three months’ free online gaming for new subscribers. The game ran as a subscription service until 1st August 2010, when it was discontinued. Over those years it was rigorously updated and Fighter Ace 4.21 - FA 10th Anniversary Edition v3.0 was the final, online version. On 9th June 2010 Fighter Ace 4.2 Deluxe Edition was released, the final version meant to be played offline.
Trial Level Demo 33MB (uploaded by File Planet)
Deluxe Edition v4.2 Free Game ISO Demo (torrent download) 3.73GB (uploaded by ModDB)
Deluxe Edition v4.2 Free Game ISO Demo 3.73 (uploaded by scaryfun)

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