Thief: The Forsaken - Challenge Map DLC Eidos-Montréal / Square Enix 2014

Explore a sinister abandoned facility, steal all its darker secrets and escape what may be lurking in the shadows. Challenge your friends and rediscover areas of the game with complete new rules! The player can play this $5 DLC in 3 modes: Chain & Gain - Gather valuable loot as fast as you can to keep the chain timer alive and increase your chain count, earn points with each valuable collected, obtain them in quick succession to increase the points multipliers; Special Loot Hunt - Special Loot has been hidden somewhere in the environment, use the Hot & Cold indicators provided to locate each one, when a Special Loot is collected, the next one becomes available, hunt down and steal as many as you can within the time limit, collect coins to increase the time on the clock and earn additional points; Chain & Gain Limited - same as the Chain & Gain, but with an overall time limit.
included in Thief Complete Edition - Repack Full Demo 13.6GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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