Zen-Ichi [J] Equinox Development 2004

This is a vertical doujin STG with some 3D backgrounds. You have 3 different ships to choose from and they vary with firepower, speed and defense. This game has pretty nice music, difficulty and level design. A little about gameplay: Point items will rise up your blue shield bar on the lower left corner. When full (The bar turns purple) if you use bomb you will go into fever mode and you get 16x points from everything. Also collecting point items in fever mode will rise the lower bar which will increase the amount of bombs. Going to fever mode will reduce your shield by one so it's pretty much a double edged sword. In 2014, it was made freeware on the occasion of 10 years since its release.
Japanese Full Demo 184MB (uploaded by Supernova)
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo + Scans 2.0GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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