Galactic Command: Echo Squad SE 3000AD, Inc. 2014

This special edition version of the game has been enhanced and remastered for an exclusive Steam release. Updated the demo (uses v2.11.02 engine build) to use the game's full tutorial (with voice-over audio). Added keyboard command PNG files suitable for printing (two pages to a single 8"x11" sheet). Added a new galaxy map suitable for printing. Shows all available jump links (jumpgate, wormhole, fluxfield). Added all new space skyboxes, 27 new music tracks from our internal audio library, optimized versions of previously released DLC scenarios, four (for a total of five fighters in the game) new playable fighters (single player only), ability to play the sandbox scenario, THE INSURGENT INCURSION and RISE OF THE INSURGENTS campaign with any of the five fighters, plus an Instant Action scenario.
Updated Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
ISO Demo 1.0GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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