Delta Force 2 NovaLogic 1999

Compared to the 1st part, a hardware mode was implemented ATI-and TNT cards. Now the grass is no more only a texture on the ground, but serves partly to hide oneself and increases the fun of the game compared to its predecessor (as does the increased A.I. for friends and enemies also). The missions are diverse, and the briefings are spoken. You combat enemy military forces consisting primarily of infantry but also including tanks, helicopters, and other military vehicles. The player has access to several real-life weapons and equipment used by the United States military, including the M4 Carbine and M249 SAW, and may choose which equipment to bring along for each mission. The voxel game engine allows for nearly unlimited draw distance, providing for expansive outdoor environments which vastly exceed the size of levels in many games with polygon-based terrain. The multiplayer mode is excellent. Now also an editor exists, which provides for players to make their own missions. NovaLogic did not change the strong elements of the predecessor a lot, but what they have changed adds a lot of fun.
Level Demo ~36MB (uploaded by GameFront)
Full Demo ~164MB Updates ~4MB Speech & Music Addon ~20MB (upped by keropi)
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Fan-Made Maps
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ISO Demo 494MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Clone ISO Demo 503MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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