Project Root OPQAM / KISS ltd 2014

This is a top-down 3D shoot'em up, where the player's abilities are the determining factor. Project Root is a game, not entertainment, players will put their reflexes, maneuver and strategic capabilities to the test. A group of rebels are the only ones who know Demetrio and his company's true intentions, and will do everything it takes to bring the truth to light about the person who pretends to be their eternal benefactor. It will not be easy or agreeable, but the danger behind what Prometheus hides within is a threat to all. Stopping Demetrio Watts is in the hands of a group of unknowns. Depends on Arcturus. It takes place in an open world divided into levels. Within each level the player can move with total freedom, although he will have to complete each of the game's objectives in a certain order. He can complete secondary objectives when needed and discover hidden elements with which to increase the level of experience faster. The free camera system allows the player to make different strategies to complete one objective, to attack or defend different positions. From the design's point of view, different game elements can be placed and seen according to different points of view, surprising the player and forcing him to explore the world. The armament each player has is generous but not excessive, principal ammunitions are infinite but the correct use of secondary ammunitions is a determining factor in the game. The split shot air and ground system allows the player to select which type of enemies to eliminate first, according to their playing style; the limited scope of terrestrial weapons forces the player to take risks.
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Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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