Descent 3: Mercenary Outrage / Interplay 1999

Centered around the dark conspiracy revealed in Descent 3, Mercenary will have you flying as the leader of the "Black Pyros" hired by Dravis to carry out his evil plans. A new 7-level, single-player mini-campaign features highly scripted, detailed environments; enhancing player interaction. Moving parts, traps, secret puzzles and more, add to the gaming experience. There's also 4 new B-side multiplayer levels featuring a wide range of off-the-wall and unexpected gaming environments. Emphasizing fun and humor, these "B-side" levels add a fresh outlook to the multiplayer blastfest. It includes a variety of the best single and multiplayer fan-made levels designed by Descent owners from around the globe. The Descent 3 level editor allows you to create your own levels complete with power-ups, robots, and scripted events. This mission CD has a high degree of difficulty, but otherwise little is new. Descent 3 fans will find great joy in it though.
Full Demo 123MB (upped by keropi)
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ISO Demo ~241MB (upload by Scaryfun)
included in Descent 3 + Mercenary - Good Old Games Digital ISO Demo 890MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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