Crimzon Clover [J] Yotsubane 2011

This is a vertically scrolling doujin bullet hell game released at the 79th Comiket. Its name is a reference to the crimson clover, a species of clover native to Europe. It sports a generous three full levels to play, jaw-dropping graphics, a limited shop section for unlockables, and the obligatory yet awe-inspiring boss fights. In addition to your primary weapon, you can hold down the second shot button to target enemy ships, then release the key to fire homing beams at them. Collecting stars increases your special gauge, and when you press the C key it will either activate the bomb or your ship's break mode, depending on how much of the bar has been filled. The player controls one of 3 types of ship - Type I, II or Z. All ships share the same control scheme, though movement speed, option arrangement, and break gauge refill differ between the three. In Original and Unlimited modes, using a bomb when the 'Break Mode' gauge is full activates Break Mode. This gives a small window of invincibility, increases firepower, and doubles the speed at which the "Break Rate" counter rises and falls. You can also stack one full Break Mode gauge on top of another - which activates DOUBLE-BREAK MODE, featuring the most intense amount of firepower and score capability. Attacking multiple enemies in a short time increases the "Break Rate" counter, which multiplies the score given for collecting the golden stars dropped by defeated enemies. The game has 3 difficulty levels - Simple, Original, and Unlimited.

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Trial Level Demo v0.20 146MB (uploaded by Vector)
Japanese ISO Demo + Patch 547MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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