Der Professor PatchNoteStudio 2014

This is a Free2Play Arena FPS made with FPSC. Get old shooter gameplay experience with a mix of new ideas. 4 Maps gives you enough space to have fun with your friends. Show what you can with the Ranking System. The game offers survival and horror elements. But the game is more focused on survival than on horror. A special feature is the mood of the various scenes of the game. While in the beginning everything seems normal comes with increasing duration, distrust, fear and despair among the characters you encounter in the game. This can mean devastating consequences for their own lives. Unlike other shooter you have only one life. An automatic save function does not exist. You are responsible to store in safe moments so as not to start from new again after a death. You gain life when you find items such as food or bandages. Most of the enemies are zombies. But other fellow human beings can see you as an Enemy. The Multiplayer is a simple Arena FPS with Achievements, a Kill Based Ranking System and Online Leaderboards.
Free Version with ads & micro-transactions 562MB (uploaded by

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