Gradius Deluxe Pack Konami Corporation 1997

This pack contains both the arcade classic shmups Gradius I and II, ported to Windows 95. Story: the Bacterians are attacking the planet Gradius, and in a state-of-the-art fighter ship you have to stop them. Both games have similar gameplay and graphics, with only different music and level layout setting them apart. Each of these side-scrolling shooters has over a dozen levels each, all of which are completely unique. There are no enemy types that are re-used from level to level (except for the boss who is the same in every level). You can collect powerups that provide things like extra speed, laser shots, target-seeking missiles, shields, etc. While there have been many small modernizing touches made to the games, there is still no ability to save. Be prepared to set aside a considerable amount of time to finish in one go. It contains a CG-movie introduction, running a couple of minutes long, showcasing the various aspects of the Gradius series that have appeared in its various incarnations.
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Full Demo 3MB (uploaded by Supernova)
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ISO Demo 106MB (uploaded by roioros)

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