Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas n-Space / Fox 2000

This mediocre sequel to Die Hard Trilogy has the same setup: three different game types in one. There is a driving level, a third-person shooter and 1st-person rail shooter (which is the best of the three). This time there is an original story as Die Hard hero John McClane goes to a friend's party at a prison penetentiary in Vegas and there is a prison break where many prisoners and a master terrorist escape. The driving and third-person shooter sections are dull as beyond a certain limit on screen you can't see what's coming as it's all black. In the shooter part, as you approach walls they disappear too which is odd. The driving areas in city blocks don't look like Vegas either.
Demo v1.1 ~33MB ( @ JeuxVideo)
Full Demo ~75MB (by keropi)
ISO Demo 414MB (by Egon68)

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