Fighter Ace II VR-1 Russia / VR-1, Microsoft Corporation 1999

Players battle for airborne supremacy by coordinating battle plans with their wingmen and squad mates. Fighter aces must defend their territory, secure new strategic positions and blast bogies in an on-going war between British, German, American, Russian and Japanese aircraft. Fighter Ace II's accurately modeled World War II aircraft include such planes as the DeHavilland Mosquito, the F4U-4 Corsair and the legendary Zero. Players can completely customize the ordnance load-out of their planes including auxiliary fuel, bombs and rockets. With an entirely new physics, flight and damage model from the original Fighter Ace, along with aircraft mounted rockets and territorial combat with player triggered tanks, it promises seat-of-your-pants flying realism in this online-only air combat game. In February 2000, the first update downloadable at the MSN Gaming Zone (, was released. The game allows more than 300 pilots to fight in a single air combat arena from the cockpit of any one of more than 40 World War II vintage fighters and bombers. The update adds five new airplanes to the Fighter Ace II arsenal, including the tank-busting Ki-84 Hayate (Japan), the IL-2 Sturmovik (Russia) and the Ju-87G Stuka (Germany). The update also enhances Territorial Combat game play. The German and Russian planes are featured in the online large-scale historical scenario, the Battle of Kursk. The update also offers new 3D cockpits, improved tank functionality, squad tags and more.
Offline Missions v2.5 16MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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