Dispatch Of Army Boltsoft / CubeTech Asia 2005

Dispatch of Army is a Korean developed Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter that delivers the kill-or-be-killed experience in the combat environment of the 60s in the newly independent nation of Myradia. It was the time of the cold war between the pro-democracy bloc of the West and pro-communist system of the East. It was a time where the 2 great ideological powers of the world fought silent battles and wars through proxies, and it was a time of much bloodshed and suffering. The game features 3 game modes through detailed jungle and urban warfare. As a soldier, players will battle against up to 32 other players online in an action-packed, frag-filled maps. The game features more than 15 jungle and urban warfare environment, rendered to perfection to provide players the life like experience of warfare in the 60s. Weapons are mimics of the real weapons used in the 60s warfare. The effects of each weapon are configured to match the real one. Famous weapons like the AK-47, Thompson, M60 machineguns are included in the game. The game features the basic Team Based mode where players join up in a team to defeat the opposing team through various map objectives. Also, there is Death Match where everyone is on their own where player with the best skill would have the most kills. Up to 10 different character skins are available from vicious village girl armed with AK-47s to tall army hunk with a M60 machinegun. The open beta is played on Malaysian servers so if your country is far away from it, you may get bad lag. On April 30,2010 the game servers were shut down.
Download: None currently available

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