Pacific Storm: Allies Lesta Studio / CDV Software Entertainment USA, Inc. 2008

This is an enhanced re-release of Pacific Storm. Strategically lead naval units and fighter planes through the Pacific against the enemy while also balancing diplomatic measures. The most prominent new feature is the new campaign respectively new playable faction: England. There are also German, Dutch and Russian units which the player meets - he even can start diplomatic relationships to them. There are also three other noteworthy new features: Every unit is divided into several subsystems which can be damaged individually, e.g. to hinder their movement or attack abilities, producing facilities don't have to be in the home land but can be built directly on the base and single units can be ordered to retrieve. On the technical side the game features bug fixes, improved AI and graphics.
Cybernary's Mod Files + New Units 37+310MB (uploaded by Molitor)
2CD ISO Demo 1.46GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Mission Editor + Modding Tools 7.5MB (uploaded by Supernova)
Unofficial Patches (uploaded by Steam Community)
Patch 1.7 & 1.71 fixes (uploaded by Steam Community)

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