DoomWare Developers Network CD Occurence 1 CyTech CodeHouse 1994

All the Newest, PWADS, Editors, Hacks, Sounds, Patches, FAQ's, and Reviews in the known shareware universe for DOOM and DOOM II. A handy database program (CDGofer) shows you all the files and a synopsis of the description for each. It lets you extract or copy the files to your HD, print the full associated text file, and lets you effortlessly swim through half a Gig of files. All pWAD's ( over 1,000 ) are available for direct play in our WADFest directory on the CD. It includes a FULL mirror of infant2, CompuServe, and AOL Doom file areas, all on 1 CD-ROM!!! Files were continuously added, right up to production, so we have the latest DOOM II WAD's, editors, and conversion utilities in their own directory (as of 10/20/94).
ISO Demo ~300MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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