Dangerous Waters Sonalysts, Inc. / Strategy First, Inc. 2005

This is an in-depth simulation of modern submarine and anti-submarine warfare (ASW), with a particular emphasis on realism. As the direct successor of Sub Command, this entitles you to command the most advanced nuclear submarines in operation: the American SSN-21 Seawolf-class and 688i Los Angeles-class, and the Russian AKULA-I IMPROVED and AKULA-II. Additionally, you will be able to take control of the variants (Projects 636 and 877) of the KILO-class diesel-electric attack submarine, a ship which lacks the endurance, speed an power of its nuclear counterparts but which is particularly quiet when running slowly and deadly in shallow waters. However, it is also allowing you to take part in the submarine hunt. You will be able to conduct anti-submarine warfare operations aboard the Oliver Hazard Perry guided missile frigate, the MH-60 multi-mission helicopter and the P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft. These three ASW platforms are modeled with the same level of attention as their submarine counterparts. Apart from the new controllable platforms, it improves the gameplay of Sub Command in many ways, the most significant advance being a more refined acoustic and sonar simulation. It has players controlling 12 types of submarines, frigates, helicopters, and planes. Each vessel's detailed cluster of instruments and capabilities can be monitored entirely by the player or assigned to the computer AI to handle all or a select few operations. More than 270 surface, submarine, and air units from 17 navies have been recreated using actual data from the U.S. Naval Institute. It also includes a dynamic, randomly generated campaign with the option for players to create their own missions with the built-in scenario editor. In addition to the campaign, the game features a series of single or quick missions that pits different nations against one another for supremacy over the high seas. Both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes are supported for up to 32 players, allowing friends to command different crew stations from within the same ship or challenge each other to all-out naval warfare.
Level Demo v1.3 266MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
2CD ISO Demo & Patch 1.04 1.18GB (uploaded by Supernova)
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