Nebula Fighter Holodream Software / eGames, Inc. 1999

This is a one or two player, side-scrolling, space shooter in the vein of R-Type. The story behind the game is that all the terrorists in the world banded together to form a single army. World governments were toppled and the terrorists took control of the world which they ruled by terror. After all this happened Earth was visited by an alien race and the New World Order realized there were other worlds to dominate. They captured an alien ship, built a fleet, and sent a single pilot to break through the aliens defenses and wait in orbit for the rest of the fleet to arrive. As is normal in such games the player starts in a basic ship and by destroying alien ships and capturing energy pods which automatically upgrade their ship. The full game has twenty-one levels and, according to the developer, has advanced AI which launches surprise attacks and co-ordinates the waves of enemy ships.
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Full Demo 6MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Level Demo 9.4MB (uploaded by Official Site)
ISO Demo 174MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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