World of Guns: Guns Lifetime Access Noble Empire Corp. 2014

This DLC unlocks all existing and future released gun models for 'World of Guns: Gun Disassembly'. All models are high-quality modelled with all parts. Each model can be disassembled and reassembled fully interactive. Also you may explore gun functionality with fire, reload and unload animations with slowdown and X-Ray support. Currently game has 102 models, usually 2 - 3 new models are made every month. Lifetime Access also unlocks all Shooting Ranges in game. Individual packs can be bought seperately and include: 10 Shooting Ranges Pack, 4 Cars Pack, 5 Skeletons Pack, Starter Pack, World War II Pack, Texture Pack 1, Spec Ops Pack, Sniper Rifles Pack #1, U.S.A. Guns Pack #1, USSR Guns Pack #1, World War I Pack #1.
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Download: None currently available

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