Cloudbase Prime Tyrus Peace 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: July 26/2017 Initially an entry in the 7DFPS competition in 2012, this is set on a mining platform hovering above a gas giant, but it’s not really a game about mining. Instead, it’s a game about jumping, as you move across a hex-based environment, manipulating the ground with the Architect, a funny little doodad mapped to your right hand. The Architect can be used to either lower or raise individual hexes, and you can use it to give yourself a bit of a boost when you hop from one island to the next. Better yet, holding down the space bar after a leap sends you into a gentle, downward float that will be familiar to anybody who's ever wielded a Mario cape. Use it correctly, and getting around is soon no problem at all. There are enemies wobbling about and they can either be dispatched with a laser cannon mapped to your left hand or bounced into oblivion with well-timed blasts of your Architect. On top of that, there’s also lovely sound design, voice acting that's adorable, and fascinating structures visible in the distance.
Full Demo v1.0.5 169MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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