PC Gamer: The Extended Play Collection Volume 2 PC Gamer 1998

In this exclusive add-on disc, you can get the best add-ons for the greatest games. They've managed to stuff hundreds of hours of gameplay on this single CD. So pop in this sucker into your CD-ROM drive, follow the simple directions for adding new gameplay to your favorite titles, and don't expect to leave your computer for weeks. It includes: Age Of Empires - plenty of new multiplayer and some custom-made sing-player and campaign adventures; Doom II - some great new levels; Interstate '76 Nitro Pack - new cars and new tracks; Jack Nicklaus 5 - some of the best homemade courses; Quake - experience some serious multiplayer mayhem with Capture The Flag and Painkeep mods; Quake II - new single-player and multi-player levels as well as some killer new mods like Jailbreak and Capture the Flag; Shadow Warrior - new custom levels; StarCraft - some of these new maps will push your strategy skills to the ultimate limit; Total Annihilation - tons of new units; Unreal - the best of the best deathmatch and single-player maps.
ISO Demo 709MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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