PC Gamer: The Extended Play Collection Volume 3 Imagine Media / PC Gamer 1999

On this exclusive add-on disc for PC Gamer are hundreds of new game levels. Half-Life are collected some of the best levels for both single-player and multiplayer mayhem. Don't forget to try out the incredible 16-leve add-on PC Gamer Presents: USS Darkstar, an adventure you'll never forget. Starcraft Whether your preference is for the Terrans, Zerg or Protoss, there are maps that'll test your capacity for strategic brilliance. Included are levels for single-player and multiplayer. Unreal some killer single-player and multiplayer maps. You'll fight the hordes of Na Pali and work your way through some killer areas. Quake II levels that keep the game rockin' for both single-player and multiplayer fun. Don't forget to try out PC Gamer's exclusive Coconut Monkey levels. Heretic II multiplayer levels that will have you jigging and jagging for your life as you try to kill those who would kill you. Total Annihilation maps for skirmish mode against the computer or head-on multiplayer. Myth: The Fallen Lords multiplayer levels that will put your skills to the test whether it's taking out the enemy from a distance with arrows and magic or getting up close and personal with solid steel. Patches, Updates, and Utilities - each of the games included in this add-on contains the latest version patch as well as any tools for the hardcore gamer.
ISO Demo 628MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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