Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Sunstorm / Arush 2002

This is a fun side-scrolling shooter with modern 3D effects and returns Duke Nukem to his roots as the very first 2 games he starred in were sidescrollers. It has eight episodes that consist of three levels each. Your goal is to stop a madman named Mech Morphix, who is infecting New York City with a radioactive substance that causes roaches, rats, and alligators to change into huge, weapon-wielding beasts plus there are some interesting end bosses. Duke's old adversaries, the pig cops, also appear. The huge multiple-path levels include the roofs of skyscrapers, streets of Chinatown, subway tunnels, a sewer, a tanker, and a futuristic factory, before finally ending up on a space station. There are plenty of rewards, power-ups, and secret areas to explore, plus it's fun to try and find the 10 "nuke" symbols in each level which increase your maximum health and amount of ammo you can carry. The are various weapons including a fun GLOPP gun which counteracts the effects of mutation on enemies, reducing them to their original form, which can then be squashed with your foot. There are a few gameplay glitches but the game is good to look at and fun to play.
Level Demo v1.01 50MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Level Pack
Full Demo (uploaded by keropi) ~120MB
ISO Demo ~511MB (uploaded by otiscrusher)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.2 184MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Steam Full Demo 175MB (uploaded by oldman)

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