Gun Runner AcidCrew Software / Xing Interactive 2002

In the Year 2035 a chemical plant near New York exploded, releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere, millions died. Afterward's people were forced to build enclosed areas of the city to live. These areas were based on leaders views of what they wanted; transporters were created to get people from one area to another. With a under staffed police force crime spread quickly. Some people form vigilante groups, hoping to solve the problem themselves, others believed this caused as many problems as it solved, but everyone wanted protection. The armed forces also sent in Elite Soldiers to help with the crime. Running guns from different areas became a profitable, but dangerous business. But all hope was not lost - it is rumored that several islands in the Pacific were untouched by the toxic gases. Yet few people have the resource to get to these areas, Agents who arrange for travel to the islands charge 100,000 credits. Like everyone else you want to get to the islands, running guns is your only hope. While Gun Runner does contain the FPS element, its main gameplay objective is the buying and selling of weapons. The player's objective is, not only to stay alive, but to buy the guns and sell them at a profit to gain the $100,000 needed to win the game.
Full Demo ( provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 45MB

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