Legends Of Iconoclast 1997
These are the largest new episodes created for Blood. Part 1 has 28 awesome levels set in Caleb's home city, a medieval realm, and Tchernobog's castle, 24 gothic midi tracks, and almost 4 dozen new sounds. Part 2 has 18 new levels where you defend yourself against his undead armies through the wastelands of Iconoclast, the Chaos Sanctuary, and the evil sorcerer's castle with 18 new music tracks and 12 new sounds. Only a 2-level demo exists of Part 3. In 2012, a remake was done ten years after being originally released by the creator Dwayne Anderson. Part 1 is entitled "Scourge of Humanity" and introduces Bloodlites to an improved storyline together with a brand new protagonist and antagonist. Take on the role of Logan, a Romanian gunsmith as he embarks on an epic quest of revenge and redemption as he journeys into an unknown dimension and wages war on the most powerful army to have ever existed: the Scourge, founded by the evil Garibaldi, a power-mad misanthropist hell-bent on the extermination of mankind. Logan must prevent the Scourge from resuming its war on Earth to save humanity and to avenge the deaths of everyone involved, including his own true love. During his quest, he'll uncover the shocking truth about Garibaldi and the plight of this unknown dimension. Five years later, comes Part 2 "Unfinished Business". Garibaldi is dead, but his legacy lives on through the army he raised: the Scourge. Now they have declared war on the entire realm of Iconoclast, determined to reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs and ultimately exact revenge against the traitor who sullied their pride as the most powerful army in existence: Logan. The people of the land need a hero to lead them to victory. And once more, Logan answers the call, realizing that he has unfinished business in the realm. With his crusade in Katrina's name not yet ended and his internal demons still tormenting his soul, Logan prepares himself for the fight of his life. The battle against Garibaldi may be over, but the war with the Scourge has only truly just begun. A war that he must fight and win in order to truly find peace. Features of the mod include: Twenty eight incredible levels. In fact, the entire original this remake is based upon has been replaced altogether; Level design quality is improved, with depth cueing and better lighting; Twenty nine new music tracks; Dozens of new sounds; Due to complaints of long text cutscene times in the original, readable text files are included to chronicle the story and plot. Finishing certain levels displays a message telling you which file to read; Extended replayability - Difficulty settings determine number of enemies, locations of keys, special effects, and number of items; Features of the Plasma Pak enabled - New enemies, new weapon modes, and new art; An estimated five hours of gameplay from start to finish (for each difficulty).
Download Eps 1,2,3 3MB+3MB+5MB (uploaded by Freeminded)
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Remake Ep1: Scourge of Humanity + Ep2: Unfinished Business 5MB+11MB (uploaded by ModDB)
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