Expendable / Millenium Soldier: Expendable Rage Software Limited 1998

In 2463 a race of vicious aliens has invaded human planets, wiping out the population of Novocastria first. Only the Millennium Soldier can lead the human fightback. This is a great action-packed simple arcade-type game with plenty of firepower and awesome graphics. In top-down view, you are one soldier against an army of aliens. There are 20 huge levels with unique locations such as a ruined city, jungle, and train station. The amount of explosions and effects on screen is amazing. The 18 weapons include miniguns, laser cannons, missile launchers, flamethrowers, and grenades, all with 5 levels of increasing power. It has great sound effects too. It's not easy to beat the levels after the 5th one either. An all-around great addictive shooter.
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Level Demo 49MB ( @ Download.com)
Retail CD ISO Demo plus WinXP crack (upped by hfric)
Good Old Games Digital Download ISO Demo 356MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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