Extreme Rise Of The Triad Apogee, 3DRealms / FormGen 1995

Missiondisk for Rise of the Triad. The add-on was produced by only two developers from the original team, Tom Hall & Joe Siegler. Generally the maps produced in this add-on were considerably harder than the original game's maps due to tricks that Tom & Joe had learned in the editor since the release of the original. The Extreme ROTT CD also had several other goodies on it. There were some user made level editors, a random level generator from Apogee, maps, sound files, etc. The levels ended up being released as freeware on September 1, 2000. The remaining materials on the Extreme ROTT CD were released as freeware online as part of a "ROTT Goodies Pack" on February 15, 2005.
Full Demo 0.1MB (only .rtl Addon File) + Reject Level Pack 51kb (@ 3DRealms.com) Goodies Pack 23MB (@ File Planet)
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Full Demo 3MB ( @ Lost Treasures Fr)
ISO Demo (3DSL release by 3DShootMaster) ~8MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
AIO Custom ISO Demo 35MB (made by Delacroix & uploaded by Scaryfun) includes Site License 1.3, The Hunt Begins Deluxe Edition, Dark War, Power Pack, Extreme Rise of the Triad Levels, Site License Comm-Bat Levels, Ohio Comm-Bat Levels, Rejected Level Pack, You & Spray Level , Wolfenstein 3D Level 35MB

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