Storm Angel Loaded Studio 2003

The year is 2456 A.D. and Alien elite forces have invaded our space colonies. In a bold offensive move, the intergalactic military defense fleet tried to defeat them but was completely wiped out. Now the alien threat is about to strike planet Earth itself! Is all mankind lost? No! As the STORM ANGEL, the most powerful ship ever designed, is ready to be unleashed on our enemies! But a great ship requires a great pilot and it's up to YOU to save the human race.It features: Old school arcade gameplay with astonishing 3D visual effects; 13 full-action packed levels; Fight the fiercest bosses ever seen in a game; A choice between 10 different weapons; Upgrade your weaponry system up to 7 levels of power or buy highly destructive positronic charges according to your tactical and strategic preferences; Top movie-style soundtrack and apocalyptic sound effects; Several difficulty settings to satisfy beginners and expert shooter players; Hidden game modes that only a high-skilled player can unlock.
Full Demo 15MB (uploaded by Supernova)
ISO Demo 31MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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