Far Cry Crytek / UbiSoft 2004

From German developer Crytek, comes this critically acclaimed game with state of the art graphics. As Jack Carver you bring a woman reporter to a remote island. When your boat is attacked you lose contact with her and wash up on a beach where you must rescue her from heavily armed mercenaries. The graphics show various environments like the beach, jungle and volcano is such high detail as never seen before in a game. The enemies are very smart and cooperate, search cover or swarm out, some give fire protection, while the others try to encircle the player. At times it's too tough as any small noise you make while you are trying to avoid them can bring them to full alert. You can also use a variety of vehicles, including jeeps, hang gliders, and boats, and have the use of a combo binoculars/sound microphone to investigate areas away from you. There are various weapons with different capabilities that you must weigh in choosing the 4 at a time that you can only carry. The singleplayer game is awesome and provides a huge 20 hours of gameplay. There are only three multiplayer game modes: free-for-all, team deathmatch, and assault ane the number of maps are limited so far but they have released now an SDK for players to make their own. The large maps are more suitable to large numbers of players only though, vehicles are not that useful as you can't go into the jungles with them so you have to use the roads and there's weapon balance issues with the sniper rifle and rocket launcher being the most effective. But just for the graphic richness and great single player game alone this is a must play. A film version of the game was released in 2008 by infamous director Uwe Boll.

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SP Level Demo + Bonus Level 590MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
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Total Conversions
DVD ISO Demo (US/FR) 3.6GB (upped by Shattered)
Fan-Made Maps/Mods
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AlcoholClone DVD ISO Demo 4.07GB (uploaded by Egon68)
v1.0 English, French + Patch v1.40 + Game Guide + Scans included in Far Cry Collection - AlcoholClone 2DVD ISO Demo 7.33GB (uploaded by Shattered)
GOG ISO Demo v2.0.0.9 2.50GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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