Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Treyarch, Raven Software / Activision Blizzard 2020

This is the seventeenth major installment of the popular first-person shooter series. It's a stand-alone story that does not require knowledge of the previous games. However, the game features characters familiar to fans of the series, such as Mason, Woods, and Hudson, and joined by a previously unknown CIA agent, Russel Adler. As the title suggests, the game is set in the Cold War era; during the game, we'll face an enigmatic KGB agent known by the code name Perseus. Interestingly, the game has several endings – which one we actually see at the end depends on the decisions we make during the course of the game. Interestingly, the game begins with the creation of the character we will play as; we decide not only the appearance, but also on character and service record. The single-player mode consists of missions that take us to various corners of the world, such as a giant Soviet training facility, as well as cities such as Moscow and Berlin. The tasks presented to us are varied – there's no shortage of them, and they include bloody and spectacular gunfights, as well as sneaking behind enemy lines. Interestingly, we'll also get a few chances to chose the approach we prefer. In addition, at certain moments we can make choices that affect the subsequent course of the plot and its conclusion. In addition to the story mode, it features an extensive multiplayer module. The co-op zombie mini-campaign is also returning.
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