Flying Heroes Pterodon / Illusion Softworks / Take 2 Interactive 2000

Flying Heroes combines the fantasy aerial combat of Drakan with Quake-style arena deathmatch, resulting in a game that, looks great and is surprisingly addictive. The focus is a ladder-style tournament where you compete for cash to buy better weapons and vehicles. Battles take place in various arenas, both indoors and outdoors, with power-ups scattered about. Most of the battles are Deathmatch style with mission-based levels and Tag games in between to add some variation. The attractive maps occasionally rival Unreal Tournament, and they sport nice details like flowing rivers and hidden caves. The weapons and vehicles, from the bat-like dragons of the Lizard Riders to the Jules Verne-style dirigibles of the Hammercraft clan, enhance the fantasy setting. Battle others while in search of powerups such as invisibility or extra ammo. Maps are big enough to include hidden spots and even some "camping" areas. A "career mode" allows you to increase your reputation and fight tougher opponents while obtaining better weapons and mounts.
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Level Demo ~92MB ( @
Full Demo 131MB ( @
ISO Demo ~540MB (upped by Scaryfun)
UK AlcoholClone ISO Demo 567MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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