Alien: Isolation - Safe Haven DLC Creative Assembly / SEGA 2015

This $8 DLC features the all-new Salvage Mode and is also part of the Season Pass. How long can you survive? You've found the only safe room on Sevastopol but supplies are running out. You'll have to venture out, complete objectives and return to the safe room safely. But who's waiting for you out there? And what choices will you make to stay alive? An all new Salvage Mode map, twice the size of any previous Survivor Mode map. Play as Hughes, and get faster access to the Bolt Gun, Shotgun and EMP Mine. Choose to explore the Gemini Systems or the Bacchus Apartments.
included in Alien Isolation - Repack Full Demo v1.0/Update 9 + DLCs 9.28GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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