Frank Herbert's Dune WideScreen Games / Cryo Interactive 2001

This is based on the famous sci-fi novel but borrows the visual style from The SciFi Channel's miniseries and takes place on a desert planet where the assassinated Emperor's son is trying to gain revenge and power himself while learning the planet's secrets. There are 5 missions which the lead character must accomplish as he uses such weapons as the Krys, which is good for using on enemies that are unaware, and The Voice which stuns enemies and can be used to erase their short-term memory. There are also conventional weapons such as lasers. You must keep an eye on your life level and water is very important to find. Another interesting concept was that if the player was able to stealthily sneak up on an enemy and attack him unawares, not only would he be dispatched without using any ammunition or taking any damage, but the player would also steal some of his water. The adventure elements are fairly easy but getting around enemies requires some thought and trial-and-error. The graphics are nice but there are some camera problems and talking characters look awkward. For fans of the story, it's nice to play this first fully 3D version.
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Level Demo ~60MB ( @
ISO Demo ~382MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with Custom Installer to run on modern o/s 391MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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