Frontlines: Fuel of War Kaos Studios / THQ 2008

Set in a fictional near future based upon the headlines of today, FFOW brings players into the world's next great war. As society succumbs to a worldwide energy crisis, a new global depression takes hold. Amidst this gritty backdrop, two superpower alliances emerge. Join the battle on the frontlines as the Western Coalition (U.S./E.U.) or the Red Star Alliance (Russia/China).
Frontlines: Fuel of War is a military-themed infantry and vehicle based, open-world first person shooter. The newly formed Red Star Alliance, led by Russia and China, clash with Western Coalition (U.S. & the European Union) forces over increasing energy shortages. This sets the stage for a massive conventional apocalypse pitting the biggest military powers against each other as they try to defend their interests and support their collapsing economies.
Players assume the roles of the front line soldiers waging the key battles in the flaming battlefields of modern war. The game allows the player to choose one side or the other in up to 32 person online multi-player battles, or to assume the roles of individual soldiers that play key roles in an intensely cinematic single-player campaign. Frontlines: Fuel of War features a high-tech array of realistic near future weapons, combat vehicles, and professional specializations drawn from real world military designs for the near future. It is the ultimate experience of high stakes, fast paced, easily accessible modern warfare.
MP Beta Demo v1.1.1 1.8GB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
2DVD ISO Demo 6.7+2.9GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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