Garry's Mod Team Garry / Valve 2006

GMod, also known as Garry's Mod, is a "sandbox" mod for the first-person shooter computer game Half-Life 2. It allows the player to manipulate objects, often with interesting results thanks to the game's Havok physics engine. This includes any object that has physical properties, ranging from cinder blocks and seagulls to decrepit automobiles and washing machines and much more. While it does not have any actual gameplay value in a traditional sense, you can pose ragdolls (position people and change their faces - a big comic book creating community has popped up around this feature), take props and weld them together to make walls, axis a wheel to it to create a working car, rope some cans to the back (a big contraption creating community has popped up around GMod - creating such things as Rube Goldberg devices, catapults, cannons, bridges etc). Using Lua you can create a custom weapon to do just about anything. If you're new you can change simple things like rate of fire, models, sounds. If you're awesome the world is your oyster, mass changing guns, melon cannons, jetpacks. You can make your own Gamemodes such as team based bridge building, bird poop, Nine Tenths, Tactical Police Cops, Hide and Seek and of course, Melon Racing. As of version 9, several basic gameplay modes are included with the basic mod installer. It is to be sold over Steam for $10 US with profits split 50/50 between Garry and his team of contributors and Valve. What is currently known as version 9.1 will lose its number and become the initial paid release, while the version 9.04 will remain as a free demo. All updates will be free. Garry also expects GMod to require an existing Source game in an account to be purchasable.
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Total Conversions + Partial Source Port
Free Half-Life 2 Mod v9.04 ~26MB ( @ Official Site) *requires Half-Life 2
Fan-Made Mods
Full Demo v16.12.01 (No-Steam) 1.74GB (uploaded by Porus)
Full Demo v2020.03.17 No-Steam + AutoUpdate 1.69GB (uploaded by Porus)

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