Weekend Warrior {MAC} Pangea Software, Inc. / Bungie Software Products Corporation 1997

This is a unique Mac game. Sort of a bizarre hybrid of Smash TV and American Gladiators, it's set within a gameshow where you assume the identity of an ordinary, everyday character and enter a challenging 3D arena. Choose from eight characters, including Postal Paul, The Cowboy, The Astronaut and Super-Fan. Cash and prizes can be yours by escaping traps, completing missions and pummeling other contestants into submission. This game was developed by Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software fame but released under the Bungie brand. Like most of Pangea's action games, it is a third person game set within a colourful environment. Since this game was developed during the early days of graphic card enhanced 3D, the fully 3D characters are a bit blocky. Each character has their own special attacks and can be played in a range of different "arenas". Each arena has its own specific task, often time constrained, and a host of baddies such as rats emerging from the floor, to delay and sap the strength of the contestants. It was later released as freware.
MAC Freeware Game 33MB (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)
MAC Freeware Game 33MB (uploaded by MAC Game Files)

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