Dead Sea Phoenix Studio / KISS ltd, Phoenix Studio 2015

Early Access Release Dead Sea is an open-world, first-person survival game. It also contains elements of horror, adventure, and puzzle solving that creates a hardcore gaming experience. The game is difficult but not overkill; surviving isn't supposed to be easy. On your way you will encounter many mysterious story, clues and puzzles leading to various paths that can be explored. Your main objective is to overcome the harsh and brutal desert. Not only will we make a great game, we will make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. It uses the power of CRYENGINE with 4K resolution support. It features: a large desert containing mysterious and customizable assets; small, medium, and massive creatures with different agendas; you will need your wits and guts to survive the harsh desert; Day/Night system that affects the player directly; random goals and missions; hidden and secret loot to search for. Planned Key Features: full Survival System; 3 main story-lines and the ability to choose paths; intricate crafting system; more areas and locations on the map; Co-Op Mode; each creature/monster will have its own life cycle and routine; giant bosses and several more creatures; save your progression by sleeping on the bed that is located in your camp - you will re-spawn to the nearest camp location when you die; avoid starvation by hunting different animals - eventually, you will acquire a skill to farm your own food; customized vehicles.
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Alpha Level Demo v1.5 119MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Full Demo 1.42GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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