Moon Patrol Irem Corp. / Williams Electronics Inc. 1983

Release Date: 1983 This is a port of the popular 1982 arcade game. It was the first arcade game to allow gameplay continuation with score retention by inserting another coin. Thus, for the first time, one's high score wasn't solely a matter of how far a player could get on a single coin, but rather a function of how many quarters they wanted to sink into the machine. Furthermore, the game is credited with introducing parallax background scrolling to video games to imply depth. The moon is under attack from a horde of aliens, and you must stop them in your armed buggy. Drive along the surface shooting the aliens and avoiding their bullets. The surface is not flat, there are craters and rocks to avoid contact with, and landmines on the surface which you can avoid by jumping. Your shots simultaneously come out the front of the buggy at enemies in its path and out the top of the buggy to shoot flying saucers. You must speed up or slow down depending on how much space you need to clear obstacles (the buggy will only go a maximum half the constantly scrolling screen) or in order to aim at saucers above or to evade their shots. Flying saucers create new craters when they crash. The 25 restart points are letter-coded.

See also: #Moon Patrol (remake)

Full Demo 24kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Floppy Image ISO Demo 57kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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