Flight Of The Intruder Rowan Software Ltd. / Mirrorsoft Ltd. 1990

Join "Tiger" Cole and "Cool Hands" Grafton as you command the US Naval Aviators over Vietnam. Take on MiGs, AAA, and SAM, and the unforgiving nature of carrier aviation. Configure each plane's loadout for your mission, plan your mission package, then fly your missions. Command multiple sections of planes and switch among them at will. When you're done, you can even try your hand at LANDING on an aircraft carrier. It supports multiplayer via serial ports, so you can actually dogfight the Phantoms and Intruders in a MiG-21 should you choose to do so. However, there was no separate cockpit art for the MiG... You'll see the F-4 cockpit instead. The game was in production before the book was published. When the book was a big seller, Stephen Coonts was contacted regarding permission to use his book title on a game. He agreed readily, and even wrote the preface to the manual. The novel was included in the game.
Full Demo 772kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Floppy Image ISO Demo 714kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
included in Fly & Drive Spectacular - ISO Demo 7.2MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
included in Lasersoft Top Tracks Volume 1 (1993) ISO Demo 18MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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